Our services: synonymous with competence and reliability

Because they are provided by professionals with over 10 years of field experience that can ensure a horizontal and multidisciplinary approach to all the needs of the reference business, even for start-up projects.


Institutional Relations

We assist our Clients during all the development and management phases of the institutional relations with the Italian Gaming Authority, both for what concerns the General Office and Regional Offices level as well as for what concerns the different associative bodies of this sector.



Extrajudicial and Contractual Consultancy

We assist our Clients during all the pre-negotiation, negotiation and drawing up phases of any kind of commercial agreement, ensuring at the same time strategical support well-directed to the goals. We provide for an in-depth consultancy on the gaming law sector by incessantly monitoring its evolution.


Public Tenders

We assist our Clients in the management of the fulfillment of all those duties indispensable for participation in public tenders organized by Italian Gaming Authority.




We assist gaming operators in thorny and delicate litigations concernin:

  • Civil matter: credit recovery in favor of all those subjects involved in the gaming sector.
  • Criminal matter: legal proceedings stemming from criminal and offensive acts to those operators that are indeed injured parties.
  • Administrative matter: appeals against administrative local measures that are detrimental to the operators’ interests (such as time restrictions and “distance restrictions”).



Corporate Responsibility Compliance

We guarantee to our Clients the strict compliance with the standards required by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 (Italian Corporate Responsibility Italian Act), by preparing, updating and implementing the related Organizational and Management Model and the Code of Ethics, and by harmonizing its internal procedures.



Anti Money-Laundering (AML) Compliance

We guarantee to our Clients a constant and updated adherence to anti-money laundering legislation (application and implementation of the IV EU Directive), aware of the peculiarities that such a topic entails in the gaming industry.



Data Protection

We guarantee to our Clients the correct implementation of the novelties introduced by EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data, taking on the role of Data Protection Officer, mandatory required from May 2018.