Italian Online Gambling: early anticipations of the publication date of the new tender procedure

After the negative opinion of the Council of State, which expressed its doubts about the wording of the scheme submitted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) in December 2016, the publication of the call for tender for the selection procedure for the awarding of remote gambling licences - as provided by the Stability Law 2016 - now seems to be closed.

In fact, as reported by some press agencies (i.e., and, the publication of the awaited call for tender could 'see the light' during the period between 18 and 25 September. The tender procedure will issue up to 120 new online gambling licences, to be valid until 31 December 2022, with an minimum bid set at EUR 200,000 each.

Those licences authorise the offering – remotely through “.it” domain – of any type of public licensed games, including:
Betting on sports and horseracing events in the form of pool betting, fixed-odds betting and betting exchanges;
• Fixed-odds on virtual events;
• Cash poker games;
Lottery games;
• Online casino games, including online gaming machines, among others;
Bingo games; and
Skill games (tournament poker).

As mentioned, the re-formulation of the call for tender scheme was made necessary by the remarks carried out by the Council of State on a consultative basis, which stated that the rules for verifying the requirements and assignment of the licences are inconsistent with the 'competitive nature’ of the tender procedure.

Therefore, according to media leaks - once this deadlock is overcome - the final version of the call for tender will be soon ready for publication.


“E perché il gioco sarebbe peggiore di un qualsiasi altro mezzo di far denaro, per esempio, magari del commercio?”

[Il Giocatore - F. M. Dostoevskij]



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